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Do you ship your radiators to Perth?

If your vehicle’s air conditioning needs a new radiator, The Parts Man is the best place to get your quality Perth radiator. We ship radiators to the complete Perth metro area. From Cambridge to the Swan River, and Nedlands to Subiaco and everywhere in between. We also serve customers in the whole state of Western Australia.

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The cost of replacing your Perth radiator varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The average price of a car radiator is $150. Depending on the vehicle, service to remove and replace will cost around $200. Then add coolant and any other parts that may need to be replaced, such as the radiator cap, hoses, thermostat, and so on.

We called four local mechanics and asked for a price to replace a radiator on a standard car for research purposes. Prices for a VY Commodore 6cyl ranged from $330 to $420, including coolant. We then did the same thing with a BMW X5; the prices were unsurprisingly higher, as removing the radiator on those cars is more time-consuming. The lowest price was $575, and the most expensive was $795.

If your radiator is leaking, it’s generally best to replace it. Radiator repairs are often only temporary fixes, and the radiator will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing your radiator allows you to upgrade to a better model with improved cooling capacity.

If you’ve upgraded your car engine to produce more power, you should consider getting a new Perth radiator. A more powerful engine generates more heat, necessitating an upgraded radiator to handle the increased heat output effectively. A well-maintained radiator should last at least three years and up to ten years.

The radiator’s primary function is to help engine cooling. Because the automotive engine generates a lot of heat, the radiator is critical to your vehicle’s cooling system. The radiator in most cars is located beneath the hood, near the front and next to the engine. The entire cooling system comprises the radiator, water pump, pressure cap, thermostat, hoses, and cooling fan.

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