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An intercooler is a heat exchanger used to cool air coming from a turbo into the combustion chamber of an engine.

A turbo is basically a fan driven by exhaust gases. As your engine revs, the waste gasses are harvested to power the turbocharger before entering the exhaust. This is done using a fan or impeller; that fan is attached to a fixed shaft and another fan is attached to the other end of the shaft. As the exhaust gas turns the fan, the other fan compresses air and sends it into the engine, increasing power and combustion efficiency.

When the compressed air leaves the turbo, it is hot, firstly because the turbo has exhaust gas running through it, and secondly, heat is generated as the air is compressed. This is not good for combustion as hot air is not as dense as cold air, so you can’t fit as much into the combustion chamber.

Enter the intercooler or charge air cooler. An Intercooler is a heat exchanger just like a radiator, but it is not coolant running through it, it’s air. By cooling the hot air before entering the engine, you get more air in the chamber, a bigger bang, and more power.

The intercoolers we sell are not upgraded or performance intercooler kits, they are direct replacement parts for the OEM supplied intercooler fitted to vehicles from the factory.

They come in different shapes and sizes, some mount on top of the engine and have a scoop in the bonnet to help cool them (Top Mount) others mount in the front of the vehicle near the radiator. (Front mounted intercoolers)

All our intercoolers have a basic number of 2040 IE 37NA-97-2040-A, so if you search on the website CSV or images etc., for 2040, you will find them.

The intercooler cools the air produced by the turbo/supercharger. As a result, the temperature and density of the air supplied to the engine are reduced.

A radiator is a heat exchanger used to keep your vehicle’s engine cool. Intercoolers are heat exchangers that work on an air-to-air basis. They are used to cool intake gases from a supercharger or turbocharger system’s compressor.

In two-stage turbocharged engines, the term intercooler refers to the cooler between the two turbochargers. In contrast, the term aftercooler refers to the cooler located between the second-stage turbo and the engine.

An intercooler is an intake air cooling device used commonly on supercharged engines and turbocharged engines. Compressed hot air is not ideal for combustion. This is where an intercooler comes into play. This process is aided by the intercooler, which cools the air before it enters the engine and combustion chamber. The cooling process may differ depending on the type of intercooler used.

Intercoolers are classified into two main types: liquid-to-air and air-to-air intercoolers. The choice between the two coolers is mainly dictated by efficiency, power output, and vehicle application.

When most people think of an intercooler, they think of an air-to-air unit. This cooler is generally visible outside the car when positioned within the front bumper. The reason for this is because of ventilation. This cooler depends on air flow through the core to affect CAC temperatures.

An air-to-air intercooler is incredibly efficient, yet, it relies on airflow (from vehicle speed) to provide the necessary cooling. When there is insufficient airflow, these coolers are prone to heat-soak. Although this is rarely an issue with front-mount configurations, an air-to-air unit within an engine bay can overheat at idle when engine bay temperatures begin to affect the cooler.

This style of cooler is significantly more prevalent in the automobile industry and provides the best monetary value in terms of cooling performance.

As the name implies, the liquid-to-air cooler uses engine coolant (usually from a secondary engine coolant circuit) to transport heat from the air passing through it. The coolant and air are separated by passageways and do not come into direct contact. This heat exchanger is incredibly efficient and has found its way into the engine bays of various OEM vehicles.

Coolant is circulated through channels and tubes connecting to the heat exchanger’s fins in a liquid-to-air cooler. Air from the turbocharger travels through the cooling fins, transferring heat between the air and the coolant. A low-temperature thermostat is often used in this system to manage fluid temperatures.

A standard air-to-air cooler is enough for street and track use for most vehicles.

  • Age plastic manifolds can go brittle and break
  • Turbo failure and contaminate the intercooler with shrapnel and oil
  • Vibration can cause mounts to break
  • Oil from the engine can accumulate and block up
  • Accident damage impact

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