Hyundai Accent Mc 5/06-12/09 Radiator 1.6L Man & Auto 628 x 370 x 16


Part Number: 26AC-06-2005-A

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Part Type: Radiator


Weight 4050 g
Dimensions 73 × 15 × 58 cm

Core Type,Aluminium Core~Core Width,628~Core Height,370~Core Thickness,16~Oil Cooler Ctr to Ctr,370~Inlet Pipe Size,33~Outlet Pipe Size,33~Tank Type,Plastic Tank~Trans Type,Manual & Automatic~Oil Cooler Material,Brass~Oil Cooler Construction,Concetric~Engine Fuel Type,Petrol~Engine Cylinders,4 Cyl~Engine Codes,G4ED5~Special Comments,suits manual & auto vehicles

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