Bmw X5 E53 11/00-3/07 Radiator With Bypass Pipe Man & Auto 590 x 598 x 32


Part Number: 12XF-00-2005-B

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Part Type: Radiator

Fitment: 16mm bypass in lower section of LH tank

We understand driving conditions in Australia are harsh and unique. This is why merely importing radiators off the shelf and not being involved in the design process is more often than not destined for failure. We have shared our experience selling radiators with our manufacturing partners. Our radiators are made to our exacting specifications. We do not just pressure test them before packing. We do it twice. Furthermore we analyse every warranty claim that occurs and track any trends in order to understand how we can continue to make a great product even better. With less than 0.04% failure rate and zero percent failure on fitment you can be confident in a radiator purchased from us.

Weight 5800 g
Dimensions 73 × 13 × 67 cm

Core Type,Aluminium Core~Core Width,590~Core Height,598~Core Thickness,32~Inlet Pipe Size,39~Outlet Pipe Size,39~Tank Type,Plastic Tank~Trans Type,Manual & Automatic~Engine Fuel Type,All~Engine Cylinders,ALL~Special Comments,16mm Bypass in LH tank

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